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Metabolic reprogramming and immunity or how energetic changes shape the immune response

1.         Fundamental basis on metabolic disruptions

           1.1.           components of normal and pathological immunometabolic interplays

           1.2.           Cells 

               1.2.1.      NK, Macrophages, T cells

2.         Epigenetic control of Metabolism

3.         Mitochondria : Are they the Golden Keys that drive the Metabolic shifts?

4.         Microbiota as a power station :

           4.1.           role, interactions, …

5.         Nutrient sensing: how to bring energy inside.

6.         Chronic inflammation and Metabolic disorders: what’s wrong?

7.         Chronic Infections and Metabolic disorders

8.         Cancer and Metabolism

9.         Clinical trials

10.      Therapeutics