Metabolic reprogramming and immunity or
how energetic changes shape the immune response


Welcome to the 2nd International Congress of Micro-Immunotherapy which is being held in the Palma Convention Centre from 27- 30 May 2020. Scientists and healthcare professionals from around the world will meet to share their experience on important topical issues related to basic discoveries and therapeutic innovations.

It is a known fact that the regulation of cell metabolism represents a key point of the immune system. Since Janeway, Hoffman and Medzhitov described the first steps of the immune responses, many discoveries have been made. Metabolism related to the immune response reminds us of the first developments in the immunology field.

Each stage of the immune response, from the antigen presentation to the differentiation through the activation, has been shown to be intimately linked with cell metabolism. Immune cells have always fought against several invaders or various pathogens and this action costs a lot of energy to the host. How do immune cells find “fuel” and adapt the right response to the stimulus? In other words: fighting or tolerance? Are they equal in that energy demand? Which between inflammation and metabolic processes shapes the immune response? Both?!

Interestingly, one of the most amazing breakthroughs is that immune cells sense every day changes in our environment and could respond when they recognize a threat to homeostasis. This means that not only bacteria, viruses or abnormal cells but also metabolic dysfunctions trigger a specific immune response. This conclusion provides us with a totally different angle. 
For instance: microbiota could be seen as a potential “threat” for our immune cells, as well as a great source of energy.

Huge steps have been made so far and now bring realistic and new therapeutic perspectives to chronic inflammation, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, auto-immunity or even cancer.

ICoMI 2020 Congress is a forceful and up-to-date platform where open-minded discussions will promote networking between researchers, clinicians, students and all persons involved in the development of science and medicine. It will be a great opportunity to let new creative and innovative ideas make new collaborations and highlight the latest technology that will help us to reduce the time to find new medication or combinations of treatment especially in the field of chronic diseases.

Be part of a unique Innovation movement set to transform medicine into precision medicine. New treatments will connect metabolic understandings with individual environment and lifestyle.

Our forum is the right place to bring to light new studies, amazing experiences and to share fascinating conclusions and results!

We hope that this outstanding exchange of genius ideas will help your research and may lead to an exceptional partnership in the future.

We hope you will enjoy this congress and your stay here in Mallorca!

Best wishes.

Dr Pascal Mensah
Manager and Scientific Director  of ICOMI

Venue & Info

Palau de Congressos de Palma – Palma de Mallorca Convention Centre

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